Sony Playstation 3 Review Specs and User Manual

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Sony PlayStation 3 Review – The Underrated Machine With Excellent Gaming Library – Have been released for more than a decade ago, the PlayStation 3 is still going strong. Even though the PS4 and the possible next-generation PS5 are sailing the wave, but the PS3 still has its place on the gamers’ heart. Even with some flaws and failures, this console is known for its excellent gaming library. With all of that in mind, lets reminiscing our memory about the underrated machine Sony PlayStation 3 through this review.


The Three Models

Year after year, every product will always be evolving and make some improvements. First released in 2006, the Japanese tech giant has released two other PS3 models. The chunky original PS3, the PS3 Slim and the PS3 Super slim. As the next younger sibling of PS2, this console was very anticipated to compete with the Xbox 360. The result? It is astonishing. The PS3 using Cell processor technology to operate floating-point better.

The original PS3 was known as its prone to overheating and some other issues. But, one thing for sure this model is the best as it can run old games from PS1. Sony PlayStation 3 released the PS3 Slim with a slimmer model, fixed overheating issues, and a bigger hard drive. After that, there is also the PS3 Super slim, which is the final PS3 redesign. All of the models are released to improve the machine and fix previous problems.

The Interface and Physical Aspects

You won’t see a lot of differences from the three models when it comes to the interface. There is some improvement in terms of the looks and the easier way to sort out your games, but overall all three console offers the same interface. On the other hand, the most apparent difference between the three Sony PlayStation 3 model is the appearance. It’s slimmer, has a bigger hard drive, more features, and powerful machine.

The Performance

The NVidia RSX GPU and 3.2GHz Cell processor are the main power of the models. If you opt for the bigger SSD model, you can have better gaming performance. Playing games such as Uncharted 3 is as amazing as you imagine. Other than the gaming aspect, the ability to run Blu-ray drive in the PS3 is the worthiest aspect you can consider. Along with the great gaming experience, you can play a crisp 1080 p movie.

The Gaming Library

Along with all the models, one thing for sure Sony PlayStation 3 had plenty of solid games. Most of them are the gamers’ favorites. Some games such as The Last Of Us, Black Ops II, Minecraft, the Assassin creeds games, GTA V, etc. can be found and played in this console. Some are even playable with higher resolution. This console that can be bought for under $600 is worth it.

Until here, those are the brief review of PS3. After all this time, the console has been evolving and keep on generating new improvement. After the release of the newer generation, this console is starting to slowly disappear. However, the great number of games, the great performance, the variances, and the price are the main reason this console worth revisiting. If you look for an affordable entertaining console, you can opt for PS3.

Sony Playstation 3 Specification

Internal Memory80 GB HDD
Video Memory256 MB GDDR3 SDRAM
Network802.11b/g, Bluetooth
Video OutputMax External Resolution :
1920 x 1080

GeneralMedia Type:
Blu-ray, flash memory card

Cell Broadband Engine

Video Memory:
DimensionWeight: 11.02 lbs

Height: 3.9 in

Depth: 10.8 in

Width : 12.8 in

Sony Playstation 3 User Manual

Sony Playstation 3 user guide manualĀ  was written in English and published in PDF File . You can get the important information of Sony Playstation 3 with its user manual, user guide and instruction manual. Sony Playstation 3 manual available online, you can read PDF user manual for Sony Playstation 3.

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